Video Visualization

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Video Visualization
We present a feasibility study on using video visualization to aid snooker skill training. By involving the coaches and players in the loop of intelligent reasoning, our approach addresses the difficulties of automated semantic reasoning, while benefiting from mature video processing techniques. This work was conducted in conjunction with a snooker club and a sports scientist. In particular, we utilized the principal design of the VideoPerpetuoGram (VPG) to convey spatiotemporal information to the viewers through static visualization, removing the burden of repeated video viewing. We extended the VPG design to accommodate the need for depicting multiple video streams and respective temporal attribute fields, including silhouette extrusion, spatial attributes, and non-spatial attributes. Our results and evaluation have shown that video visualization can provide snooker coaching with visually quantifiable and comparable summary records, and is thus a cost-effective means for assessi...
Gareth Daniel, Min Chen
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Gareth Daniel, Min Chen
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