View-based maintenance of graphical user interfaces

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View-based maintenance of graphical user interfaces
One difficulty in software maintenance is that the relationship between observed program behavior and source code is not always clear. In this paper we are concerned specifically with the maintenance of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). User interface code can crosscut the decomposition of applications making GUIs hard to maintain. A popular approach to develop and maintain GUIs is to use "What you see is what you get" editors. They allow developers to work directly with a graphical design view instead of scattered source elements. Unfortunately GUI editors are limited by their ability to statically reconstruct dynamic collaborations between objects. In this paper we investigate the combination of a hybrid dynamic and static approach to allow for view-based maintenance of GUIs. Dynamic analysis reconstructs object relationships, providing a concrete context in which maintenance can be performed. Static checking restricts that only changes in the design view which can meaning...
Peng Li, Eric Wohlstadter
Added 12 Oct 2010
Updated 12 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where AOSD
Authors Peng Li, Eric Wohlstadter
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