Virtual Reality and Cognitive Processes

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Virtual Reality and Cognitive Processes
The relationship between our actions and their perceivable results is ruled by what we call the laws of nature. It is general understanding that our actions act upon real objects which react according to the laws of nature what then can be perceived. Virtual Reality Facilities (VRFs) simulate the action-perception relationship in a physically correct manner but whithout involving real objects or real events. Just the same do mathematical models of nature (physical theories). So it stands to reason that VRFs can be considered as analog models of nature. If a physical theory is false its predictions cannot be verified. If a VRF were false we would have strange and unusual perceptions as if different laws of nature would be valid. It is suggesting to say that we would fail to survive in nature when using a false mathematical as well as a false analog model. However, from the most elementary false VRF, Kohler’s (1969) prismatic spectacles showing the entire world upside down, we know th...
Olaf Diettrich
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Year 2001
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