On visual similarity based 2D drawing retrieval

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On visual similarity based 2D drawing retrieval
A large amount of 2D drawings have been produced in engineering fields. To reuse and share the available drawings efficiently, we propose two methods in this paper, namely 2.5D spherical harmonics transformation and 2D shape histogram, to retrieve 2D drawings by measuring their shape similarity. The first approach represents a drawing as a spherical function by transforming it from a 2D space into a 3D space. Then a fast spherical harmonics transformation is employed to get a rotation invariant descriptor. The second statistics-based approach represents the shape of a 2D drawing using a distance distribution between two randomly sampled points. To allow users to interactively emphasize certain local shapes that they are interested in, we have adopted a flexible sampling strategy by specifying a bias sampling density upon these local shapes. The two proposed methods have many valuable properties, including transform invariance, efficiency, and robustness. In addition, their insensitivi...
Jiantao Pu, Karthik Ramani
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CAD
Authors Jiantao Pu, Karthik Ramani
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