Visual support for the understanding of simulation processes

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Visual support for the understanding of simulation processes
Current visualization systems are typically based on the concept of interactive post-processing. This decoupling of data visualization from the process of data generation offers a flexible application of visualization tools. It can also lead, however, to information loss in the visualization. Therefore, a combination of the visualization of the data generating process with the visualization of the produced data offers significant support for the understanding of ract data sets as well as the underlying process. Due to the application-specific characteristics of data generating processes, the task requires tailored visualization concepts. In this work, we focus on the application field of simulating biochemical reaction networks as discrete-event systems. These stochastic processes generate multi-run and multivariate timeseries, which are analyzed and compared on three different process levels: model, experiment, and the level of multi-run simulation data, each associated with a broad ...
Andrea Unger, Heidrun Schumann
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Andrea Unger, Heidrun Schumann
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