Visual web mining

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Visual web mining
Analysis of web site usage data involves two significant challenges: firstly the volume of data, arising from the growth of the web, and secondly, the structural complexity of web sites. In this paper we apply Data Mining and Information Visualization techniques to the web domain in order to benefit from the power of both human visual perception and computing; we term this Visual Web Mining. In response to the two challenges, we propose a generic framework, where we apply Data Mining techniques to large web data sets and use Information Visualization methods on the results. The goal is to correlate the outcomes of mining Web Usage Logs and the extracted Web Structure by visually superimposing the results. We design several new information visualization diagrams. Categories and Subject Descriptors: H.3.4 [Information Systems][ INFORMATION STORAGE AND RETRIEVAL][Systems and Software]: World Wide Web (WWW) H.2.8 [Information Systems][ DATABASE MANAGEMENT][Database applications]: Data min...
Amir H. Youssefi, David J. Duke, Mohammed Javeed Z
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where WWW
Authors Amir H. Youssefi, David J. Duke, Mohammed Javeed Zaki
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