Visualization of the Influence of SDF on the TMA Solution Space

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Visualization of the Influence of SDF on the TMA Solution Space
: In [SH08] we introduced a method for the calculation and visualization of the whole TMA solution space. So, not only the best TMA solution, but also other solution areas with high probability can be seen. If by sensor data fusion (SDF) techniques measurements of the same or different type(s), or constraints to kinematic parameters are associated to a target, one expects an improvement in the TMA result. This influence on the TMA solution space can be made visible by the described method and is substantiated by various examples. Finally, we show, that the method is able to visualize the observability, which can be gained in the case of a missing own manoeuvre by exploiting a target manoeuvre instead. 1 Calculation of the TMA Solution Space Let's assume, that a sensor, e.g. a Flank Array (FA) on a submarine tracks a target and delivers prefiltered bearings B1,...,Bn together with their time references t1,...,tn. From this bearing fan we calculate the TMA solution space as follows ...
Ulrich Steimel
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