Visualization for the Mind's Eye

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Visualization for the Mind's Eye
Software visualization has been almost exclusively tackled from the visual point of view; this means visualization occurs exclusively through the visual channel. This approach has its limitations. Considering previous work for blind people we propose that complementing usual approaches with those techniques used to develop interfaces for non-sighted people can enhance user awareness of logical structures or data types using different perception channels. To achieve better comprehension, we deal with new or augmented interfaces built on top of standard systems for data visualization and algorithm animation. The notion of specific concept keyboards is introduced. As a consequence, modern information and learning systems can be designed in such a way that not only sighted but also blind users can navigate within these systems. 1 Value and Problems of Software Visualization Software visualization deals with the animation of algorithms, including numerical, geometric, graphic, and graph alg...
Nelson A. Baloian, Wolfram Luther
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Authors Nelson A. Baloian, Wolfram Luther
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