Visualization Process of Temporal Data

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Visualization Process of Temporal Data
Abstract. Temporal data are abundantly present in many application domains such as banking, financial, clinical, geographical applications and so on. Temporal data have been extensively studied from data mining and database perspectives. Complementary to these studies, our work focuses on the visualization techniques of temporal data: a wide range of visualization techniques have been designed to assist the users to visually analyze and manipulate temporal data. All the techniques have been designed independently. In such a context it is therefore difficult to systematically explore the set of possibilities as well as to thoroughly envision visualization techniques of temporal data. Addressing this problem, we present a visualization process of temporal data. We adapt the Ed Chi’s visualization process to the case of temporal data. We illustrate the steps of our visualization process by considering the design of the Star Representation Technique that we have developed. By identifying...
Chaouki Daassi, Laurence Nigay, Marie-Christine Fa
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where DEXA
Authors Chaouki Daassi, Laurence Nigay, Marie-Christine Fauvet
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