Voice-controlled Data Entry in Dental Electronic Health Record

9 years 1 months ago
Voice-controlled Data Entry in Dental Electronic Health Record
The EuroMISE Center focuses on new approaches in the field of electronic health record (EHR). Among others, the structured health documentation in dentistry in the form of an EHR is being systematically studied. This paper describes the evolution of the EHR developed at the EuroMISE Center named MUDRLite and its graphical component for dentists called DentCross. The summary of features of the DentCross component is followed by a brief description of automatic speech recognition and an ASR module. The problems with data insertion into EHR during examination of a dental patient lead to further research in the area of the automatic speech recognition in medical practice. Cooperation of engineers, informaticians and dental physicians resulted in an application called DentVoice which is a successful application of the ASR module and the DentCross component of the MUDRLite EHR. The junction of voice control and graphical representation of dental arch makes hand-busy activities in dental prax...
Miroslav Nagy, Petr Hanzlícek, Jana Zv&aacu
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where MIE
Authors Miroslav Nagy, Petr Hanzlícek, Jana Zvárová, Tatjana Dostálová, Michaela Seydlova, Radim Hippman, Lubos Smídl, Jan Trmal, Josef Psutka
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