Vortex and Source Particles for Fluid Motion Estimation

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Vortex and Source Particles for Fluid Motion Estimation
In this paper we propose a new motion estimator for image sequences depicting fluid flows. The proposed estimator is based on the Helmholtz decomposition of vector fields. This decomposition consists in representing the velocity field as a sum of a divergence free component and a curl free component. The objective is to provide a low-dimensional parametric representation of optical flows by depicting them as a flow generated by a small number of vortex and source particles. Both components are approximated using a discretization of the vorticity and divergence maps through regularized Dirac measures. The resulting so called irrotational and solenoidal fields consist then in linear combinations of basis functions obtained through a convolution product of the Green kernel gradient and the vorticity map or the divergence map respectively. The coefficient values and the basis function parameters are obtained by minimization of a functional relying on an integrated version of mass c...
Anne Cuzol, Étienne Mémin
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Anne Cuzol, Étienne Mémin
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