VRML Molecular Dynamics Trajectories

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VRML Molecular Dynamics Trajectories
One application of VRML is visualisation of scientific data. Using VRML results of simulations and other scientific endeavours can be published on the web with all the advantages (and disadvantages) the web offers, but with the further advantage that the results are in the form of interactive, moving 3D “worlds”. This is especially advantageous when the data itself is 3D. In this paper we discuss the use of VRML to publish the results of molecular dynamics simulations on the web. We also discuss a framework for application-specific compression of VRML files which allows the use of a compression technique appropriate to the particular type of data in a given application but does so in a general manner. Using a simple differential compression approach within this framework we gain an extra factor of 2 in the compression ratio to that obtained through the use of gzip for our application.
Geoff Leach, James Gilbert
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where VRML
Authors Geoff Leach, James Gilbert
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