The WarpIV Simulation Kernel

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The WarpIV Simulation Kernel
ct This paper provides an overview of the WarpIV Simulation Kernel that was designed to be an initial implementation of the Standard Simulation Architecture (SSA). WarpIV is the next generation replacement for the Synchronous Parallel Environment for Emulation and Discrete Event Simulation (SPEEDES) framework that has supported a number of DoD simulation programs including MDWAR, EADTB, JSIMS, and others. There are many new algorithms, data structures, and modeling capabilities implemented in WarpIV. For practical reasons, this paper cannot go into depth on any one particular topic, but instead provides a broad overview of the design and capabilities of the fully integrated system. Future WarpIV papers will address specific technical areas. This paper first provides a look back at the historical evolution of SPEEDES, the evolution of the SSA, and the development of WarpIV. This historical background is followed by a description of the layered SSA and design of WarpIV. Capabilities and ...
Jeffrey S. Steinman
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where PADS
Authors Jeffrey S. Steinman
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