WATERWAVES: wave particles dynamics on a complex triatomic potential

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WATERWAVES: wave particles dynamics on a complex triatomic potential
The WATERWAVES program suite performs complex scattering calculations by propagating a wave packet in a complex, full-dimensional potential for non-rotating (J = 0) but vibrating triatomic molecules. Potential energy and decay probability surfaces must be provided. Expectation values of geometric quantities can be calculated, which are useful for following the wave packet motion. The programs use a local complex potential approximation (LCP) for the Hamiltonian and Jacobi coordinates. The bottleneck of the calculation is the application of each term of the Hamiltonian to the wave packet. To solve this problem the programs use a different representation for each term: normalized associated Legendre polynomials PK j (x) as a functional basis for the angular kinetic term and an evenly spaced grid for the radial kinetic term yielding a fully point-wise representation of the wave functions. The potential term is treated using an efficient Discrete Variable Representation (DVR) being diagon...
Simone Taioli, Jonathan Tennyson
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Simone Taioli, Jonathan Tennyson
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