A web based multi-display presentation system

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A web based multi-display presentation system
In this demonstration, we are going to illustrate how to give a presentation using multiple displays connected to the Internet. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.4.3 [Communication Applications]: Computer conferencing, teleconferencing, and videoconferencing. H.5.1 [Multimedia Information Systems]: Video, Audio input/output; Artificial, augmented, and virtual realities; H.5.2 [User Interfaces]: Interaction styles, User-centered design, Graphic User interfaces (GUI), Prototyping; H.5.3 [Group and Organization Interfaces]: Computer-supported cooperative work, Collaborative computing. General Terms Management, Documentation, Design, Experimentation. Keywords Computer assisted presentation authoring, multimedia venues, presentation authoring, rich media presentation, device control.
Frank Zhao, Qiong Liu
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Type Conference
Year 2004
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Authors Frank Zhao, Qiong Liu
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