Web-based Multimedia GP Medical System

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Web-based Multimedia GP Medical System
This paper introduced GP-Soft, a powerful new patient management system, which is designed to improve the records management for clinic, nursing home and hospital. GP-Soft is a complete patient management system that includes a complete set of tools for handling prescription writings, medication, patient management and patient billing. In addition, GP-Soft also provides a set of integrated communication tools that will allow General Practitioners (GP) to carry out collaboration and discussion. It is the first web-based system to combine patient management, patient accounting and communication tools into an all-in-one solution desired by every GP in practice. The web-based system can provide easy access to the user using Internet/Intranet and operating system independent. The system supports a centralised control of patients’ data on the server and provides information sharing and distributed data management through the network structure. GP-Soft can be installed on any platform syst...
Chee Chern Lim, Man Hing Yu, Jesse J. Jin
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Updated 01 Nov 2010
Type Conference
Year 2003
Where VIP
Authors Chee Chern Lim, Man Hing Yu, Jesse J. Jin
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