Web-Based Terminology Translation Mining

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Web-Based Terminology Translation Mining
Mining terminology translation from a large amount of Web data can be applied in many fields such as reading/writing assistant, machine translation and cross-language information retrieval. How to find more comprehensive results from the Web and obtain the boundary of candidate translations, and how to remove irrelevant noises and rank the remained candidates are the challenging issues. In this paper, after reviewing and analyzing all possible methods of acquiring translations, a feasible statistics-based method is proposed to mine terminology translation from the Web. In the proposed method, on the basis of an analysis of different forms of term translation distributions, character-based string frequency estimation is presented to construct term translation candidates for exploring more translations and their boundaries, and then sort-based subset deletion and mutual information methods are respectively proposed to deal with subset redundancy information and prefix/suffix redundancy i...
Gaolin Fang, Hao Yu, Fumihito Nishino
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Updated 27 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Gaolin Fang, Hao Yu, Fumihito Nishino
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