Web graph analyzer tool

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Web graph analyzer tool
We present the software tool “Web Graph Analyzer”. This tool is designed to perform a comprehensive analysis of the Web Graph structure. By Web Graph we mean a graph whose vertices are Web pages and whose edges are hyperlinks. With the help of the Web Graph Analyzer we can study the local graph characteristics such as numbers and sets of incoming/outgoing links to/from a given page, the page level relative to a given root page, and the global graph characteristics such as PageRank, Giant Strongly Connected Component, the number of dangling nodes. The Web Graph Analyzer has a user friendly GUI that allows an easy collection of a part of WWW and its thorough investigation. The Web Graph Analyzer is based on the Oracle DBMS which scales well with the large volumes of data. Categories and Subject Descriptors G.2.2 [Discrete Mathematics]: Graph Theory—Graph algorithms; G.4 [Mathematical Software]: Metrics—Algorithms design and analysis, User interfaces ; H.3.3 [ Information systems...
Konstantin Avrachenkov, Danil Nemirovsky, Natalia
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Konstantin Avrachenkov, Danil Nemirovsky, Natalia Osipova
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