Web Mining: A Key to Improve Business on Web

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Web Mining: A Key to Improve Business on Web
This paper takes an overview of the web mining concept and how it can be useful and beneficial to the business improvement by facilitating its applications in various areas over the internet. The contribution of this paper is towards the various areas containing web sites on internet, which can make best use of different web mining techniques to improve their business decisions based on the user behavior analysis which can ultimately help in improving the relevance of their web site to suit their user needs and adding value to their business growth. It also contributes about the factors responsible and governing the usage of web mining for the web sites to improve business intelligence. The need for techniques which would be able to classify, categories, cluster the web pages in such a way that the web page retrieval can be done in a optimum way and to reduce the burden on the user to keep on searching the required web page from the sea of the information. Web mining is helpful in mak...
Pradnya Purandare
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