Web object indexing using domain knowledge

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Web object indexing using domain knowledge
Web object is defined to represent any meaningful object embedded in web pages (e.g. images, music) or pointed to by hyperlinks (e.g. downloadable files). Users usually search for information of a certain `object', rather than a web page containing the query terms. To facilitate web object searching and organizing, in this paper, we propose a novel approach to web object indexing, by discovering its inherent structure information with domain knowledge. In our approach, Layered LSI spaces are built for the hierarchically structured domain knowledge, in order to emphasize the specific semantics and term space in each layer of the domain knowledge. Then, the web object representation is constructed by hyperlink analysis, and further pruned to remove the noises. Finally, the structure attributes of the web object are extracted with the knowledge document that best matches the web object. Our approach also indicates a new way to use trust-worthy Deep Web knowledge to help organize dis...
Muyuan Wang, Zhiwei Li, Lie Lu, Wei-Ying Ma, Naiya
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Where KDD
Authors Muyuan Wang, Zhiwei Li, Lie Lu, Wei-Ying Ma, Naiyao Zhang
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