WebQuests: changing the way we teach online

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WebQuests: changing the way we teach online
This paper introduces WebQuests as potential teaching tools for HCI and software design educators. Based on our daylong observations of a high-school class, we believe that WebQuests can be adapted for use in online as well as classroom-based education and for use with adults as well as children. The WebQuest model offers three advantages for HCI educators. One is that the students construct their own knowledge and meaning, and thereby learn the material more thoroughly. Another is that a WebQuest, if done correctly, takes advantage of more learning styles. We observed aural, kinesthetic, and visual learning styles, for example. The third advantage is that, since WebQuests are team projects, students learn to work in teams. Keywords Education, computer-mediated communication, Internet, elearning, WebQuest, distance learning, usability.
Brenda Hopkins-Moore, Susan Fowler
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where CHI
Authors Brenda Hopkins-Moore, Susan Fowler
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