Weighted Multi Dimensional Logic Programs

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Weighted Multi Dimensional Logic Programs
Abstract. We introduce a logical framework suitable to formalize structures of epistemic agents. Such a framework is based on the notion of weighted directed acyclic graphs (WDAGs) that allow one to assign a measure of strength to the knowledge relationships represented by the edges. We present the declarative and operational semantics of such a framework, and give results of correctness. We illustrate the usage of the framework by a number of examples. 1 Motivation In previous papers [4, 6, 8] we presented a logical formalization of a framework for multi-agent systems where we embedded a flexible and powerful kind of epistemic agent. In fact, these agents are rational, reactive, abductive, able to prefer and they can update the knowledge base of other agents (including their own). There we presented a declarative semantics for this kind of agent. In [1] we provided a syntactical transformation that is at the basis for a proof procedure for updating and preferring in agents, and in [5]...
Pierangelo Dell'Acqua
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Year 2004
Authors Pierangelo Dell'Acqua
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