What Can AI Get from Neuroscience?

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What Can AI Get from Neuroscience?
The human brain is the best example of intelligence known, with unsurpassed ability for complex, real-time interaction with a dynamic world. AI researchers trying to imitate its remarkable functionality will benefit by learning more about neuroscience, and the differences between Natural and Artificial Intelligence. Steps that will allow AI researchers to pursue a more braininspired approach to AI are presented. A new approach that bridges AI and neuroscience is described, Embodied Cultured Networks. Hybrids of living neural tissue and robots, called hybrots, allow detailed investigation of neural network mechanisms that may inform future AI. The field of neuroscience will also benefit tremendously from advances in AI, to deal with their massive knowledge bases and help understand Natural Intelligence.
Steve M. Potter
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Year 2006
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Authors Steve M. Potter
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