What is Initiative?

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What is Initiative?
This paper presents some alternate theories for explaining the term ‘initiative’, as it is used in the design of mixed-initiative AI systems. Although there is now active research in the area of mixed initiative interactive systems, there appears to be no true consensus in the field as to what the term ‘initiative’ actually means. In describing different possible approaches to the modeling of initiative, we aim to show the potential importance of each particular theory for the design of mixed initiative systems. The paper concludes by summarizing some of the key points in common to the theories, and by commenting on the inherent difficulties of the exercise, thereby elucidating the limitations which are necessarily encountered in designing such theories as the basis for designing mixed-initiative systems. Key words: Initiative, discourse, goals and plans.
Robin Cohen, Coralee Allaby, Christian Cumbaa, Mar
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Type Journal
Year 1998
Authors Robin Cohen, Coralee Allaby, Christian Cumbaa, Mark Fitzgerald, Kinson Ho, Bowen Hui, Celine Latulipe, Fletcher Lu, Nancy Moussa, David Pooley, Alex Qian, Saheem Siddiqi
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