What Is Planning in the Presence of Sensing?

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What Is Planning in the Presence of Sensing?
The Airport Example The Omelette Example Copyright c 1996 American Association for Artificial Intelligence. All rights reserved. Despite the existence of programs that are able to generate so-called conditional plans, there has yet to emerge a clear and general specification of what it is these programs are looking for: what exactly is a plan in this setting, and when is it correct? In this paper, we develop and motivate a specification within the situation calculus of conditional and iterative plans over domains that include binary sensing actions. The account is built on an existing theory of action which includes a solution to the frame problem, and an extension to it that handles sensing actions and the effect they have on the knowledge of a robot. Plans are taken to be programs in a new simple robot program language, and the planning task is to find a program that would be known by the robot at the outset to lead to a final situation where the goal is satisfied. This specification...
Hector J. Levesque
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Year 1996
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Authors Hector J. Levesque
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