What Supercomputers Say: A Study of Five System Logs

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What Supercomputers Say: A Study of Five System Logs
If we hope to automatically detect and diagnose failures in large-scale computer systems, we must study real deployed systems and the data they generate. Progress has been hampered by the inaccessibility of empirical data. This paper addresses that dearth by examining system logs from five supercomputers, with the aim of providing useful insight and direction for future research into the use of such logs. We present details about the systems, methods of log collection, and how alerts were identified; propose a simpler and more effective filtering algorithm; and define operational context to encompass the crucial information that we found to be currently missing from most logs. The machines we consider (and the number of processors) are: Blue Gene/L (131072), Red Storm (10880), Thunderbird (9024), Spirit (1028), and Liberty (512). This is the first study of raw system logs from multiple supercomputers.
Adam J. Oliner, Jon Stearley
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where DSN
Authors Adam J. Oliner, Jon Stearley
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