What's Ahead for Embedded Software?

12 years 5 months ago
What's Ahead for Embedded Software?
hysical world. How do you adapt software abstractions designed merely to transform data to meet requirements like real-time constraints, concurrency, and stringent safety considerations? The answer to this question has given rise to some promising research angles, including novel ways to deal with concurrency and real time and methods for augmenting component interfaces to promote safety and adaptability. FRAMEWORKS A framework is a set of constraints on components and their interaction, and a set of benefits that derive from those constraints. A framework defines a model of computation, which governs the interaction of components. Thus, the first step in understanding suitable models of computation is to understand what makes a framework useful for embedded system design. The embedded systems community must be very open about what "components" and "frameworks" might entail. Otherwise, we have little hope of getting a useful model because the prevailing component ar...
Edward A. Lee
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