Where are bottlenecks in NK fitness landscapes?

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Where are bottlenecks in NK fitness landscapes?
Abstract- Usually the offspring-parent fitness correlation is used to visualize and analyze some caracteristics of fitness landscapes such as evolvability. In this paper, we introduce a more general representation of this correlation, the Fitness Cloud (FC). We use the bottleneck metaphor to emphasise fitness levels in landscape that cause local search process to slow down. For a local search heuristic such as hill-climbing or simulated annealing, FC allows to visualize bottleneck and neutrality of landscapes. To confirm the relevance of the FC representation we show where the bottlenecks are in the wellknow NK fitness landscape and also how to use neutrality information from the FC to combine some neutral operator with local search heuristic.
Sébastien Vérel, Philippe Collard, M
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where CEC
Authors Sébastien Vérel, Philippe Collard, Manuel Clergue
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