Where do security policies come from?

8 years 9 months ago
Where do security policies come from?
We examine the password policies of 75 different websites. Our goal is understand the enormous diversity of requirements: some will accept simple six-character passwords, while others impose rules of great complexity on their users. We compare different features of the sites to find which characteristics are correlated with stronger policies. Our results are surprising: greater security demands do not appear to be a factor. The size of the site, the number of users, the value of the assets protected and the frequency of attacks show no correlation with strength. In fact we find the reverse: some of the largest, most attacked sites with greatest assets allow relatively weak passwords. Instead, we find that those sites that accept advertising, purchase sponsored links and where the user has a choice show strong inverse correlation with strength. We conclude that the sites with the most restrictive password policies do not have greater security concerns, they are simply better insul...
Dinei A. F. Florêncio, Cormac Herley
Added 16 Aug 2010
Updated 16 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Dinei A. F. Florêncio, Cormac Herley
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