Who Needs "Blended Learning"? Some Thoughts on a Political Concept

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Who Needs "Blended Learning"? Some Thoughts on a Political Concept
The paper covers the topic from an e-learning provider's perspective on the basis of practical experience and discussions with corporate and SME partners. In this paper the author argues that blended learning is superfluous as a pedagogical concept. Its true context is company politics and the conflict between different factions involved in human resource development. Blended learning is a political term describing a non-explicit compromise between those responsible for the costs involved in the implementation of a particular type of e-learning and those interested in a ROI for the costs incurred and control over the learners activities. 1 How do People Learn? People learn in a lot of different ways: by example, by trial and error, by listening, by reading, by writing, by talking, by experimenting. People learn visually, through their bodies, with their senses, while dreaming, driving and while on the job
Ray Mary Rosdale
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