Why Kad Lookup Fails

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Why Kad Lookup Fails
A Distributed Hash Table (DHT) is a structured overlay network service that provides a decentralized lookup for mapping objects to locations. In this paper, we study the lookup performance of locating nodes responsible for replicated information in Kad – one of the largest DHT networks existing currently. Throughout the measurement study, we found that Kad lookups locate only 18% of nodes storing replicated data. This failure leads to limited reliability and an inefficient use of resources during lookups. Ironically, we found that this poor performance is due to the high level of routing table similarity, despite the relatively high churn rate in the network. We propose solutions which either exploit the high routing table similarity or avoid the duplicate returns using multiple target keys.
Hun Jeong Kang, Eric Chan-Tin, Nicholas Hopper, Yo
Added 21 May 2010
Updated 21 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where P2P
Authors Hun Jeong Kang, Eric Chan-Tin, Nicholas Hopper, Yongdae Kim
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