Widam - Web Interaction Display and Monitoring

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Widam - Web Interaction Display and Monitoring
: In this paper we describe the design and implementation of a system called Web Interaction Display and Monitoring (WIDAM). We have developed a web based client-server application that offers several services: (i) real time monitoring of the user interaction to be used in synchronous playback (Synchronous Monitoring Service) (ii) real time observation by other users (Synchronous Playback Service); (iii) storage of the user interaction information in the server database (Recording Service); (iv) retrieval and playback of a stored monitored interaction (Asynchronous Playback Service). WIDAM allows the usage of an interaction monitoring system directly over a web page, without the need of any installation, using low bandwidth comparatively to image based remote display systems. We discuss several applications of the presented system like intelligent tutoring systems, usability analysis, system performance monitoring, synchronous or asynchronous e-learning tools.
Hugo Gamboa, Vasco Ferreira
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Hugo Gamboa, Vasco Ferreira
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