WindowScape: a task oriented window manager

9 years 2 months ago
WindowScape: a task oriented window manager
We propose WindowScape, a window manager that uses a photograph metaphor for lightweight, post hoc task management. This is the first task management windowing model to provide intuitive accessibility while allowing windows to exist simultaneously in multiple tasks. WindowScape exploits users’ spatial and visual memories by providing a stable thumbnail layout in which to search for windows. A function is provided to let users search the window space while maintaining a largely consistent screen image to minimize distractions. A novel keyboard interaction technique is also presented. ACM Classification: H5.2 [Information interfaces and presentation]: User Interfaces. - Graphical user interfaces. General terms: Design, Human Factors
Craig S. Tashman
Added 14 Jun 2010
Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where UIST
Authors Craig S. Tashman
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