Wireless Intrusion Detection and Response

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Wireless Intrusion Detection and Response
— Intrusion detection and countermeasures response is an active area of research. In this paper, we examine integrating an intrusion detection engine with an active countermeasure capability. We use a classic man in the middle attack as a case study to specify the integrated wireless intrusion detection capability with the active countermeasure response. We present the case study in dynamically defending against an example attack in an 802.11 infrastructure basic service set by combining the concepts for a distributed wireless intrusion detection and response system architecture with adaptive response strategies based on alarm confidence, attack frequency, assessed risks, and estimated response costs. We also include a description of a tool kit we have implemented to prototypically test and evaluate our concepts. Keywords- Intrusion detection and active countermeasures, network Security, wireless security
Yu-Xi Lim, Tim Schmoyer, John G. Levine, Henry L.
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where IAW
Authors Yu-Xi Lim, Tim Schmoyer, John G. Levine, Henry L. Owen
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