Wireless multimedia error resilience via a data hiding technique

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Wireless multimedia error resilience via a data hiding technique
Abstract—Transmission of digital contents in unavoidable noiseprone environments demands sophisticated error detection and concealment techniques to restore the perceptual qualities. Thus, robust transmission with error resilience has become an indispensable component in many multimedia coding standards including MPEG2/4 and JPEG2000. A variety of error resilience techniques have been reported in the literature. However, there has been little work done by employing the advantages of data hiding, which is emerging as a powerful tool for efficient protection and authentication of digital contents. In this paper, we propose a data hidingbased error resilient technique for robust transmission of images in wireless environments. First, the authentication information, which is generated from the structural digital signature of an image, will be embedded for error detection. Second, the recovery information, which is an approximate version of its original data, will be embedded for error c...
Chun-Shien Lu
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Updated 15 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2002
Authors Chun-Shien Lu
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