A wireless sensor network for border surveillance

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A wireless sensor network for border surveillance
We will demonstrate a wireless sensor network system for the surveillance of critical areas and properties – e.g. borders. The system consists of up to 10 sensor nodes that monitor a small border area. The protocols we show focus on detecting trespassers across a predefined area and reporting the detection to a gateway node securely. There, the trespasser’s path will be graphically diplayed on a border map. The demonstration features secure protocols for the detection of trespassers, node failure and network partitioning, along with a duty cycle protocol to ensure network longevity. All information pertaining to relevant events in the network or border area will be graphically displayed on a gateway computer. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.4 [Information Systems Applications]: Miscellaneous General Terms Security, Experimentation, Design Keywords Security, Area monitoring, Prototype 1 Motivation Over the past years, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) and their applicability fo...
Denise Dudek, Christian Haas, Andreas Kuntz, Marti
Added 19 May 2010
Updated 19 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Denise Dudek, Christian Haas, Andreas Kuntz, Martina Zitterbart, Daniela Krüger, Peter Rothenpieler, Dennis Pfisterer, Stefan Fischer
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