WOD - Proxy-Based Web Object Delivery Service

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WOD - Proxy-Based Web Object Delivery Service
With the tremendous growth of World Wide Web (WWW), the door has been opened to a multitude of services and information for even the most casual of users. Today, many wireless and mobile devices are being produced to provide access to this information, and the capabilities of these devices can vary depending on characteristics such as physical memory, storage space, and network speed. In the future, it is expected to see a rich variety of devices that can browse the WWW, and any given user is likely to own more than one type. When a user browses the WWW by small handy devices, such as PDAs or mobile phones with low network bandwidth, the storage space limitation and long download time make a user unable to download large-size web objects such as software zip files. One possible solution is for the user to memorize the URL of the desired web object, and download it when he reaches his home or office computer, but this is extremely inconvenient, and in most cases highly impractical. In ...
Kai-Hsiang Yang, Jan-Ming Ho
Added 07 Jun 2010
Updated 07 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Kai-Hsiang Yang, Jan-Ming Ho
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