Workflows in Learning Object (LO)-Oriented Web-Based E-Learning Delivery Environments

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Workflows in Learning Object (LO)-Oriented Web-Based E-Learning Delivery Environments
Effective e-learning environments should promote high cooperation. Workflow techniques can certainly contribute to such effectiveness because, in these environments, the creation and delivery of learning contents are typically accomplished by individuals through the execution of specific and predefined sequences of activities. Literature in this area has stressed the importance of workflow techniques in e-learning. However, it is also important to consider new methods that may reduce development costs such as reusability and standardization. Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs or LOs) play an important role in this context as pre-existing content can be reused to generate other instructional content, adding standardization with lower development cost. Additionally, the technologies present in the WWW compose a well-established paradigm due basically to their flexibility, broad application coverage and low deployment cost. Based on these three sets of technologies, we propose an environmen...
Luiz Antônio M. Pereira
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Year 2003
Authors Luiz Antônio M. Pereira
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