Working Modes and Aspects in Fully Parallel Manipulators

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Working Modes and Aspects in Fully Parallel Manipulators
The aim of this paper is to characterize the notion of aspect in the workspace and in the joint space for parallel manipulators. In opposite to the serial manipulators, the parallel manipulators can admit not only multiple inverse kinematic solutions, but also multiple direct kinematic solutions. The notion of aspect introduced for serial manipulators in [1], and redefined for parallel manipulators with only one inverse kinematic solution in [2], is redefined for general fully parallel manipulators. Two Jacobian matrices appear in the kinematic relations between the joint-rate and the Cartesian-velocity vectors, which are called the "inverse kinematics" and the "direct kinematics" matrices. The study of these matrices allow to respectively define the parallel and the serial singularities. The notion of working modes is introduced to separate inverse kinematic solutions. Thus, we can find out domains of the workspace and the joint space exempt of singularity. Applic...
Damien Chablat, Philippe Wenger
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where ICRA
Authors Damien Chablat, Philippe Wenger
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