Workshop on standard exchange format (WoSEF)

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Workshop on standard exchange format (WoSEF)
A workshop was held at ICSE 2000 in Limerick, Ireland to further efforts in the development of a standard exchange format (SEF) for data extracted from and about source code. WoSEF (Workshop on Standard Exchange Format) brought together people with expertise in a variety of formats, such as RSF, TA, GraX, FAMIX, XML, and XMI, from across the software engineering discipline. We had five sessions consisting of a presentation and discussion period and a working session with three subgroups. The five sessions were: 1) Survey and Overview, 2) Language-level schemas and APIs, 3) High-level schemas, 4) MOF/XMI/UML and CDIF, and 5) Meta schemas and Typed Graphs. During that time we reviewed previous work and debated a number of important issues. This report includes descriptions of the presentations made during these sessions. The main result of the workshop is the agreement of the majority of participants to work on refining GXL (Graph eXchange Language) to be the SEF. GXL is an XML-based no...
Susan Elliott Sim, Richard C. Holt, Rainer Koschke
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Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ICSE
Authors Susan Elliott Sim, Richard C. Holt, Rainer Koschke
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