Write Endurance in Flash Drives: Measurements and Analysis

12 years 3 days ago
Write Endurance in Flash Drives: Measurements and Analysis
We examine the write endurance of USB flash drives using a range of approaches: chip-level measurements, reverse engineering, timing analysis, whole-device endurance testing, and simulation. The focus of our investigation is not only measured endurance, but underlying factors at the level of chips and algorithms--both typical and ideal--which determine the endurance of a device. Our chip-level measurements show endurance far in excess of nominal values quoted by manufacturers, by a factor of as much as 100. We reverse engineer specifics of the Flash Translation Layers (FTLs) used by several devices, and find a close correlation between measured whole-device endurance and predictions from reverse-engineered FTL parameters and measured chip endurance values. We present methods based on analysis of operation latency which provide a non-intrusive mechanism for determining FTL parameters. Finally we present Monte Carlo simulation results giving numerical bounds on endurance achievable by a...
Simona Boboila, Peter Desnoyers
Added 02 Oct 2010
Updated 02 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where FAST
Authors Simona Boboila, Peter Desnoyers
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