XAHM: An XML-Based Adaptive Hypermedia Model and Its Implementation

10 years 10 months ago
XAHM: An XML-Based Adaptive Hypermedia Model and Its Implementation
This paper presents an XML-based Adaptive Hypermedia Model (XAHM) and its modular architecture, for modelling and supporting Adaptive Hypermedia Systems, i.e. hypertext-based multimedia systems that allow user-driven access to information and content personalization. We propose a graph-based layered model for the description of the logical structure of the hypermedia, and XML-based models for the description of i) metadata about basic information fragments and ii) "neutral" pages to be adapted. Furthermore, we describe a modular architecture, which allows the design of the hypermedia and its run-time support. We introduce a multidimensional approach to model different aspects of the adaptation process, which is based on three different "adaptivity dimensions": user’s behaviour (preferences and browsing activity), technology (network and user’s terminal) and external environment (time, location, language, socio-political issues, etc.). An Adaptive Hypermedia is m...
Mario Cannataro, Andrea Pugliese
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Type Conference
Year 2001
Where OHS
Authors Mario Cannataro, Andrea Pugliese
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