XML-Based Feature Modelling

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XML-Based Feature Modelling
This paper describes a feature modelling technique aimed at modelling the software assets behind a product family. The proposed technique is distinctive in five respects. First, it proposes a feature meta-model that avoids the need for model normalization found in other meta-models. Second, it uses an XSL-based mechanism to express complex composition rules for the features. Third, it offers a means to decompose large feature diagrams into extensible and self-contained modules. Fourth, it defines an XML-based approach to expressing the feature models that offers a low-cost path to the development of support tools for building the models. Fifth, it explicitly supports both the modelling of the product family and of the applications instantiated from it. The paper presents the feature modelling technique in the context of an on-going project to build a generative environment for family instantiation. The experience from two cases studies is also discussed. 1 Motivation Our research group...
Vaclav Cechticky, Alessandro Pasetti, O. Rohlik, W
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where ICSR
Authors Vaclav Cechticky, Alessandro Pasetti, O. Rohlik, Walter Schaufelberger
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