XML Databases: Principles and Usage

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XML Databases: Principles and Usage
Originally XML was used as a standard protocol for data exchange in computing. The evolution of information technology has opened up new situations in which XML can be used to author, maintain, and deliver content and consequently, new applications of XML occurred. XML serves as a data model and background for databases of XML documents as well as for applications beyond today's data models (hierarchical structures, recursive structures, regular expressions). XML also plays a significant role as a technological platform for Semantic web. A motivational power for XML databases has roots in application demands like • processing external data (Web pages, other text databases, structured data), • E-commerce: lists of products, personalized views of these lists orders, invoices in e-commerce, e-brokering, • integration of heterogeneous information sources (e.g. integrated processing data from Web pages and from tables of a relational database). To store XML data in a database me...
Jaroslav Pokorný
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