XQuery Implementation in a Relational Database System

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XQuery Implementation in a Relational Database System
Many enterprise applications prefer to store XML data as a rich data type, i.e. a sequence of bytes, in a relational database system to avoid the complexity of decomposing the data into a large number of tables and the cost of reassembling the XML data. The upcoming release of Microsoft’s SQL Server supports XQuery as the query language over such XML data using its relational infrastructure. XQuery is an emerging W3C recommendation for querying XML data. It provides a set of language constructs (FLWOR), the ability to dynamically shape the query result, and a large set of functions and operators. It includes the emerging W3C recommendation XPath 2.0 for path-based navigational access. XQuery’s type system is compatible with that of XML Schema and allows static type checking. This paper describes the experiences and the challenges in implementing XQuery in Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005. XQuery language constructs are compiled into an enhanced set of relational operators while prese...
Shankar Pal, Istvan Cseri, Oliver Seeliger, Michae
Added 28 Jun 2010
Updated 28 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2005
Where VLDB
Authors Shankar Pal, Istvan Cseri, Oliver Seeliger, Michael Rys, Gideon Schaller, Wei Yu, Dragan Tomic, Adrian Baras, Brandon Berg, Denis Churin, Eugene Kogan
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