YESSIR: a simple reservation mechanism for the Internet

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YESSIR: a simple reservation mechanism for the Internet
Abstract-RSVP has been designed to support resource reservation in the Internet. However, it has two major problems: complexity and scalability. The former results in large message processing overhead at end systems and routers, and inefficient firewall processing at the edge of the network. The latter implies that in a backbone environment, the amount of bandwidth consumed by refresh messages and the storage space that is needed to support a large number of flows at a router are too large. We have developed a new reservation mechanism that simplifies the process of establishing reserved flows while preserving many unique features introduced by RSVP. Simplicity is measured in terms of control message processing, data packet processing, and user-level flexibility. Features such as robustness, advertising network service availability and resource sharing among multiple senders are also supported in the proposal. The proposed mechanism, YESSIR (YEt another Sender Session Internet Reservat...
Ping Pan, Henning Schulzrinne
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Type Journal
Year 1999
Where CCR
Authors Ping Pan, Henning Schulzrinne
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