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Zero-content augmented caches

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Zero-content augmented caches
It has been observed that some applications manipulate large amounts of null data. Moreover these zero data often exhibit high spatial locality. On some applications more than 20% of the data accesses concern null data blocks. Representing a null block in a cache on a standard cache line appears as a waste of resources. In this paper, we propose the Zero-Content Augmented cache, the ZCA cache. A ZCA cache consists of a conventional cache augmented with a specialized cache for memorizing null blocks, the Zero-Content cache or ZC cache. In the ZC cache, the data block is represented by its address tag and a validity bit. Moreover, as null blocks generally exhibit high spatial locality, several null blocks can be associated with a single address tag in the ZC cache. For instance, a ZC cache mapping 32MB of zero 64-byte lines uses less than 80KB of storage. Decompression of a null block is very simple, therefore read access time on the ZCA cache is in the same range as the one of a conven...
Julien Dusser, Thomas Piquet, André Seznec
Added 20 May 2010
Updated 20 May 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where ICS
Authors Julien Dusser, Thomas Piquet, André Seznec
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