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» Major copy proportion analysis of tumor samples using SNP ar...
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8 years 8 months ago
Major copy proportion analysis of tumor samples using SNP arrays
Background: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are the most common genetic variations in the human genome and are useful as genomic markers. Oligonucleotide SNP microarrays ha...
Cheng Li, Rameen Beroukhim, Barbara A. Weir, Wendy...
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8 years 8 months ago
Normalization of Illumina Infinium whole-genome SNP data improves copy number estimates and allelic intensity ratios
Background: Illumina Infinium whole genome genotyping (WGG) arrays are increasingly being applied in cancer genomics to study gene copy number alterations and allele-specific aber...
Johan Staaf, Johan Vallon-Christersson, David Lind...
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8 years 8 months ago
CARAT: A novel method for allelic detection of DNA copy number changes using high density oligonucleotide arrays
Background: DNA copy number alterations are one of the main characteristics of the cancer cell karyotype and can contribute to the complex phenotype of these cells. These alterati...
Jing Huang, Wen Wei, Joyce Chen, Jane Zhang, Guoyi...
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8 years 8 months ago
Conditional random pattern model for copy number aberration detection
Background: DNA copy number aberration (CNA) is very important in the pathogenesis of tumors and other diseases. For example, CNAs may result in suppression of anti-oncogenes and ...
Fuhai Li, Xiaobo Zhou, Wanting Huang, Chung-Che Ch...
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8 years 8 months ago
A Hidden Markov Model to estimate population mixture and allelic copy-numbers in cancers using Affymetrix SNP arrays
Background: Affymetrix SNP arrays can interrogate thousands of SNPs at the same time. This allows us to look at the genomic content of cancer cells and to investigate the underlyi...
Philippe Lamy, Claus L. Andersen, Lars Dyrskjot, N...