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» Statistical tests to compare motif count exceptionalities
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12 years 1 months ago
Statistical tests to compare motif count exceptionalities
Background: Finding over- or under-represented motifs in biological sequences is now a common task in genomics. Thanks to p-value calculation for motif counts, exceptional motifs ...
Stéphane Robin, Sophie Schbath, Vincent Van...
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11 years 8 months ago
VARUN: Discovering Extensible Motifs under Saturation Constraints
Abstract-The discovery of motifs in biosequences is frequently torn between the rigidity of the model on the one hand and the abundance of candidates on the other. In particular, m...
Alberto Apostolico, Matteo Comin, Laxmi Parida
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12 years 1 months ago
SIGffRid: A tool to search for sigma factor binding sites in bacterial genomes using comparative approach and biologically drive
Background: Many programs have been developed to identify transcription factor binding sites. However, most of them are not able to infer two-word motifs with variable spacer leng...
Fabrice Touzain, Sophie Schbath, Isabelle Debled-R...
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12 years 1 months ago
Estimation and efficient computation of the true probability of recurrence of short linear protein sequence motifs in unrelated
Background: Large datasets of protein interactions provide a rich resource for the discovery of Short Linear Motifs (SLiMs) that recur in unrelated proteins. However, existing met...
Norman E. Davey, Richard J. Edwards, Denis C. Shie...
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12 years 1 months ago
No statistical support for correlation between the positions of protein interaction sites and alternatively spliced regions
Background: Alternative splicing is an efficient mechanism for increasing the variety of functions fulfilled by proteins in a living cell. It has been previously demonstrated that...
Marc N. Offman, Ramil N. Nurtdinov, Mikhail S. Gel...