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12 years 18 days ago
Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms
"This course will consist of a number of major sections. The first will be a short review of some preliminary material, including asymptotics, summations, and recurrences and ...
David M. Mount

Lecture Notes
12 years 19 days ago
Combinatorial Algorithms
"This is a standard senior-level algorithms class required of every computer science undergraduate and graduate student at the University of Illinois."
Jeff Erickson

Lecture Notes
12 years 23 days ago
Laboratories for Data Communications and Computer Networking
This is a series of laboratory exercises designed for use in data communication, computer networking and telecommunication courses. These labs enable students to experiment with va...
Raj Jain

Lecture Notes
12 years 23 days ago
Computer Networking and Internet Protocols: A Comprehensive Introduction
The lecture notes cover the following topics, Fundamentals (OSI Reference Model, Coding, Ethernet), Data Link Control (Flow Control, Error Control, HDLC, PPP), Internet Protocol ...
Raj Jain

Lecture Notes
12 years 23 days ago
ATM Networks: A Series of Tutorials
The lecture notes cover the following topics, Overview, Adaptations Layers, Traffic Management , Issues and Challenges Ahead, Physical Layers (Phy), Multiprotocol over ATM (MPOA)...
Raj Jain